Emma, I got here as soon as I-
There’s someone waiting meet you, Graham.

The Swan-Humbert family + their newborn baby girl (▰˘◡˘▰)



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Quick Check In


Hey guys!

We’re nearing to 100 followers, and the queue has been going daily. I’ve even got a couple more submits in the past week! I’m filling the queue with lots more Graham, Emma, and Gremma.

Remember that the ask box is always open for any reason.

Let me know if you would prefer the queue…


i see Swen say they want their ship respected and acknowledged like the other canon ones but i have to ask...WHY? why do the show runners have to take time out of their day to pay attention to fanon ships?. they never do it for captain charming,red beauty or other m/m and f/f pairings..why do they get to be the special snowflakes that HAVE to be recognized? the writers stay focused on the ships they built up, not what someone writes on A03.


Seriously.  SQ is not canon and will never be canon.  The writers and actors talk about what’s on the show, not what fandom wants.  SQ gets addressed way more than most crack ships.

Someone today asked me about ships on this show that I write for.  This (maybe I forgot a few) is my list:

Rumbelle, Golden Swan Beauty, Swan Beauty, Golden Swan, Golden Graham, Golden Graham Beauty, Swan Cricket, Gremma, Jumbelle (Jefferson/Belle/Gold) Jumbellice (Jefferson/Belle/Gold/Alice) Jefferson/Alice, Belle/Graham, Golden Cricket, Hopping Cricket (Maleficent/Archie) Mad Swan, Hunter Fire, Swanfire, Swanfire Hunter, Sleeping Warrior, Warrior Royals, Drova, Snowing, Graham/au!Bae, Neal/Graham, Gold/Ruby, Whale/Ruby/Archie, Red Cricket, Regina/Graham (only negatively) Belle/Jefferson, Rum/Belle/Graham/Ruby, Belle/Archie, Flook (Floor/Hook), Archie/Ariel, Neal/Tink, Neal/Wendy, Ariel/Whale

You know how many of these are ever addressed?

Because they are (most of them) crack ships.  Just like SQ.  And no one owes me talking about them.


Just taking a second to say I love you to my anon that created my Redefining Home verse. 

Even if the verse has taken over my life (and yes, I blame you!), I love that you got me writing a verse filled with fluff and prettiness and side-characters I love almost as much as my Happy Hunter Family, mixed in with the angsty parts of canon (ugh, canon).

Thank you.

I thank her/him too! Redefining Home is really my go-to fic when I want Gremma :3