John Green ruined my life slowly then all at once

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This is hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


“The townsfolk give Regina a lot of flak for casting the curse, but none to Snow for re-casting it, and none to Rumple for creating the curse in the first place. Weird that.”

Because Regina played them like her own personal Sims game, making sure everyone was miserable. Jefferson locked away from his daughter, Snow lonely and meek, David in a coma, Belle imprisoned, Graham raped, Ella pregnant and believing to be abandoned by Thomas etc etc. The entire population was made to cater to Regina’s needs and her own personal brand of torture.
Rumple probably should have gotten more flack, but I don’t know if it’s even common knowledge that he created the curse.
However, Regina even says it: the curse itself does not mean they had to be miserable. Regina just chose it to be that way. Snow recast the curse, but everyone had their memories (except of the missing year) and all of their free will. She also cast it to help save them from the Wicked Witch by getting back to the Savior. 
The only similarity between the first curse and the second was that they were moved back to Storybrooke. The intentions and results were completely different.



“I really want to see what life would’ve been like for Cora and Regina if Snow hadn’t cursed Cora’s heart. By the look she gave her, I think they would have a really close and caring relationship.”

Cora raised Regina without her heart. Regina never knew what her mother was like with it. If Rumple wasn’t dying, I think the whole Cora thing could have been resolved without killing her. I think if they just put her heart back. Cora would have thought twice about what she was doing. Cora wasn’t always evil and I think at that moment in her life, she would have look at Regina and thought about how bad a mother she has been to her.

Cora had her heart when she abandoned Zelena, she had her heart when she plotted to kill King Xavier, she had her heart when she decided to rip out her heart and chose not to love. Love has never been Cora’s motivating trait, that’s ambition and revenge. She might have found TL with baby Regina, but having her heart would not have guaranteed it.


although the weekโ€™s up
true love will never vanish
gremma is for life