You’re my best friend forever, okay?


do you ever wonder how a character is doing after a series is over




I’m so tired of all the Hook/CS in the Gremma tag.

I second that!

I think that these CSers who are always invading non related tags believe that they own all the tags or something.

It wouldn’t surprise me that they did. Think that, I mean.

Good Morning


I had something submitted on anon today that will not be posted.

Just letting you all know that I won’t post things concerning Evil Huntsman or CS romantically on this page. No judging, and I understand what you were going for, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for this blog.

In other news, I will be changing the blog URL soon to simply gremma-appreciation!


Some times I just want to grab all of my fellow Gremma shippers and fly away to some isolated island, where we’d all be safe and blocked off from the ridiculousness and hate that comes from most of the rest of the OUAT fandom. Sadly, these moments are growing all too frequently in number.

That would be awesome xD